Monday, December 22, 2014

So life has been a roller coaster ride in this past one year... discussions, arguments, disagreements, fights, love, emotions are few words to sum up this past 11 months journey.

Well, we all have a picture for perfect married life, expectations related to our partner. But when the reality strikes, it can be a totally different picture from what we have imagined. The same happened to us :) .. the dream land became argument land and then confusions, tears, misbehavior took place of love. I think most of the married people can relate to me while the unmarried can imagine my situation. So, like every other couple we had our share of fights and disagreements. In this short span of time I have understood that even if you have get lot of ideas from other married couple about this concept married, but being married is totally a different experience which you can understand only after getting married. You can be  in your worst version at a moment while at the other moment you feel like sacrificing your everything for your better half. The same happened to us.

So, after completing 11 months, I can say that we both have accepted each other the way we are and now we know that no one is perfect. We miss each other's company whenever we are far away. Love is blooming... and now I can totally relate to one of my good friends words: the first year of every married life is very crucial and is the foundation for your married life especially if it is an arranged marriage.

Next month on 22nd January, we will be celebrating our first anniversary and hope the coming years be filled with joy, happiness and love. Here is a song (from the movie PK) dedicated to this new relationship.