Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well since past two days am sitting alone in my cabin as the other two girls have been shifted to another cabin. Earlier felt a bit aloofed but now am back to the "Queen of My Room" form. Lol. Queen without any praja. Well a lot happens inside and outside us. In outside world we live a normal life but inside, we have our own worls where only those people can sneak who we want to. You might have got an idea. So, here is a small beautiful secret from my inside world.

There is a guy who comes daily in the park when I go for morning walk. And in fact, he is one of the main reasons that motivates me to wake up early and hit the ground since past 3 months. So, we sneak peak at each other once in a while. As he is handsome, you can say that I'm a bit attracted towards him :) or you can say that he is the flavor of the season. Anywayws, yesterday when I was on rounds as usual, he came from behind and said Good Morning. Tadaaaa... But, I was too surprised that I could not reply him back. And in fact, thought he is a bad/chaalu guy. Then I shared the incident with my colleagues, they also said why didn't u reply back. Since then I'm thinking, why I missed the opportunity. So, today I was all ready, that if he would wish me, I'll wish him back. But. He didn't (May be a girl was behind me that's why he didn't). OMG. Now am waiting, When he would wish me again becoz I want him to talk to me. After so many years, he is the guy whom I like by looks (otherwise I hardly get attracted towards anybody untill or unless they approach me).

Anyways, this was a little secret from my inner world.

Happy Weekend !!!
Take Care,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well yesterday had been an interesting day. I took an off from office and went to see the movie "Barfi" which was fantabulous. Ranbeer Kapoor has acted so well and other actors too have done superb work. really worth watching. After that I went for shopping and bought myself a nice pair of stilettos and some girly stuff like lip gloss, danglers, clutchers, etc. So in short I enjoyed the outing and the best part was, rather than having lunch in a posh restaurent, we had chhole bhature from roadside thelawaala ...It was fun. Felt like I was back in college. Then the most interesting part: I went to see a guy. Yes a guy, for matrimonial purpose. Though I was not soo excited as I don't prefer arranged marriage but the this is the only choice I am left with, but I was taking it as another acquaintance. The guy was average looking but a decent one. We had some light conversation, discussed our future plans. At that time I was visualising myself as his wife. How wud it feel, how wud I live with him, if things proceed in a positive way. A lot was going inside me. And my selfish part was thinking that what if he helps me getting a good job (so carrier oriented I've become, I know). So, we spent around 45 minutes together and and then came back home.

Today in office, it was quite boring, but then to make it interesting I logged into Facebook, and to my surprise I found my favourite RJ - Anil Srivatsa online :) I thought he would not reply, but then I thought why not give it a shot. And I pinged him, and he responded back. Felt so good, as I'm a huge fan of his show: Between the Sheet. So, we must not hesitate in trying new stuff. Am really so happy and learn this that we must not hesitate in initiating something that we love. I know am exaggerating.. but yes, am soo happy that he responded back. Anyways, if you can sign up and listen his show on

Another good news is that our organisation is organising an event on 6th October. so, the bitches out here are planning what to wear, how they can show off bla bla.. But yes, I'm excited too. Will post the pics soon. And here is the pic of the Day :) A Chocolate truffle Pastry. Mmmm Yummyyy...

Till then take care,


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sitting idle in office and doing mundane tasks. Nowadays, I feel that I do not like talking on phone much. Even if I don't have anything to do, I either do my office work or look for better jobs (as again I'm looking for a good job) since there is no learning scope left here. But sometimes, I get irritated with this boring schedule also. Only office and home and some stress leaves me frustrated and irritated sometimes. For instance, yesterday, I was sitting quite and a bit irritated. Though my colleagues asked me what happened why you behaving like that but I could not give them the proper reason. As I don't know why I feel so. We get only Sundays off. So, I hardly get chance to go for outings. I really need to find some good tips, what I shall do, when I feel irritated and bored. Please suggest me some good ideas.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So, I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post since 2 days but didn’t get the chance due to some work priorities. There has been loads of work these days in the office. So, finally, I got the chance due to power failure in the office (they don’t have a generator, blessing for us J)I have 2 new colleagues who have become good friends now. Really, enjoying their company, gossips and masti time. Another update is: I read the novel “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” from which I picked 2-3 good points mentioned below:

1) Our mind is like a garden. The more we nurture it with positive thoughts, the more positive results we get in our day-to-day life.
Following which I try to keep away negative thoughts and people away from my mind and life respectively.

2) 21 Day Funda: Secondly, I learnt from the book is: If you want to install any positive habbit in your system practice it for 21 days, then you will get used to that. For instance, I started going for morning walks and temple regularly and now it is installed in my system.

3) Keep mobile away: Though I am left with very few close friends and my mobile rings rarely, but I’m happy this way. As my life is more organized and peaceful. I enjoy other things like spending time with my family, going out with my sister for movies and shopping, reading novels, meditation.

These were some of the positive things that I could remember from the book. And yes, one more interesting thing: I made kadhaai paneer this weekend and it was delicious. Here is a picture of that:
Hope you liked the picture :). Looking forward to your comments.

Take Care,

Monday, September 10, 2012

After a very long time, I felt bad for somebody else. Yesterday, we went to one of our distant relative's home. She is my maternal aunt. Few months back her husband expired due to sudden organ failure (I dnt know the exact term). Since it was my off, my mom asked me to accompany her  as my aunt wanted to see her. I thought it would be a change for me as well. We went there. But by the end of the day, when we returned back, I was quite upset.

Reason: Long story in short:

My Aunt had 4 daughters and a Son who is the youngest one. Well, All the 4 daughters got married
in well off families and their son is in garduation last year. But the youngest daughter is going through her divorce (her husband used to beat her up). In this process, all the peace and harmony of the house was lost. Last year she went USA, to give her husband the last chance. But that creep really made her life hell there. This led her to take the final decision that she wants a divorce. In the mean time, my uncle expired, which was quite unexpected and my cousin (the girl battling for divorce) could not see her father in his last time as she was in USA. When she returned back, they got the news that my aunt is also not well as her kedneys have stopped working. Doctors have told them that she would not survive long. After listening all this, I was so upset, that how God could be so harsh on some people. And I am most worried about their brother who is hardly 22 years old, he would be left alone without his parents in this world. I wrote this post just to take my feelings out. I cant show my worries to my mom, otherwise she'll be upset too. Please friends pray for my aunt that she may live long at least till their son gets settle down.

Nothing much to say now... Take Care,