Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hi All ! Hope you having fun and enjoying the way life is treating you. Last weekend was fun in its own way. Since I was alone at home so I enjoyed the liberty to watch late night movies :) No no no.. don't make any wild guesses. I actually watched the movie "Eat Pray Love" starring Julia Robets and there were some really good messages in the film. The movie revolves around three keys to happiness and contentment in life and those keys are Eat, Pray and Love. We all have achieved some milestones in our lives and some people are really doing well but even after that they are not happy with anything. They are always looking for the inner peace and contentment. So, I am explaing these three keys so that we all can at least try and be happy in whatever we have or whatever comes in this beautiful journey called "Life"

Eat: Some females/males are really conscious about how they look or how to maintain a perfect figure and in this imperfect world they run after the perfection so badly that sometimes they deprive themselves with the pleasure of some great food/stuff. There is an instance when the lead actress tells her friend that she must not worry about her figure constantly by giving a simple example. A man never leaves a room by seeing a fat naked women while making love to her because her flab never makes adifference to him. In fact, at that moment of time all he is concerned about making love to her. So, if someone really appreciates you and your body he/she would never reject you on how you look or how thin ot thick you are. So, please don't deprive yourselves from the pleasure of all the great foon in this world.

(P.S.: Don't run after zero figure, but yeah, you must keep it healthy)

Pray: Another very important aspect of a content life is to "Pray", to meditate. The God lies within us. So, rather than looking for answers in the outer world, look into yourself. Follow your heart. This would give us the immense satisfaction. In fact, I have started attending some spiritual lectures in nearby institution and it really is helping me to deal with life in a better manner.

Love: The third key is to Love. I know, we all our not fortunate enough to find our soulmate in the very first person we fall in love with. But yes, we must keep our heart open for that special one. Don't be afraid. You never know may be you will find that person at the age of 15 or 35 or may be 45. But even few days or years spent with such a soulmate will be worth waiting for.

I hope I am able to explain the three keys in best possible way. May be it will help you all to enjoy life in a better way.