Monday, August 5, 2013

Well, it's been a while, I being away from my space. Although I missed the "Moments" (the blog) a lot but something or the other kept me occupied. So, now am back and that too with a good and a BIG news. The day I had been waiting since I got the sense of the world, has finally arrived in my life too. Long wait, anticipations, bad moods have finally bought me something worth waiting for. OK enough of this foundation..

Here it goes. I am engaged !!! :) yes I am .. The day I had visualized again and again in my lifespan till now has finally become the reality. So, guys I am engaged to a wonderful person and I am Happy :) . Love is in the Air and I am loving it...

It's a beautiful feeling I must say. Now there are no hurries and no worries. No insecurities and no possessiveness. I know this person is whom I was waiting for and will be there for me always. Amen ! As they say, It's a new beginning. I hope this new road take both of us to a beautiful journey with loads of pleasant surprises ahead. We both need your best wishes and luck.

I will be sharing more stories of this new beginning with you all... :)

Love you all.


The Gardener said...

I chanced to visit your blog and read about the great news.

Wishing you all the best! Let your path be strewn with roses and let not a single thorn touch your feet!!

By the way it may be of help for you to prepare your upcoming life if you read my post 'Treat Your Husband Like A Dog'. (Your pet dog)

The Gardener said...

A Banker's Garden

Thursday, 18 August 2011
Treat Your Husband Like A Dog

(Strictly for the eyes of married ladies only and strictly prohibited for married men)

Do you find it difficult to manage your husband? Do you throw up your hands in despair when he never keeps any thing in its place? Do you curse your stars when the hubby ever forgets to shut the front door every time? Do you lose your patience every time he fails to find things he needs even if it is lying a couple of feet away from him or he is sitting over it? Do you always wish to go back to the days of blissful first few days of your wedded life, when your every wish was command for him and he was ever eager to please you and ever willing to carry out all your whims and fancies with a song in his heart and an ear-to-ear smile on his lips?

The way out is simple: Treat your husband like a dog – your pet dog!!!

What do you do to and for your pet dog? You shower all your love and affection on him. You cuddle him. You allow him to lie on your lap. You caress him. You run your fingers through his hairs. You bathe him with great care. You find out and provide him with his favourite food. You lose sleep when he is ill. You overlook his not-so-serious faults. You don’t keep finding fault with him. When your friends come, you tell them how good and intelligent he is. You don't tell them his faults. When you are away, you make sure that in your absence, there is someone who takes care of him as much you do.

And how does he pay you back? He is totally devoted to you. He gives you a ‘standing ovation’ every time you return after going out. He dances around you and tries to be as close to you as possible.

And he obeys all your COMMANDS without demur!

He sits when you command him to do so; he fetches your newspaper when you ask him to do so; he brings back the ball thrown by you. In short, he does what you want him to do! What an enviable situation!!!

Now you know how to ‘manage’ your husband.:))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Posted by The Gardener at 06:28
Labels: Life

the.orchestra.of.life19 August 2011 10:33

hahahahaha .... I have been telling my friends something similar. That I pray to God that in my next life please make me a dog or a cat but in Europe. The amount of care and the lengths people go to take care of their pets here is pretty unbelievable. Plus even the pet dogs here have ID cards !! :)
The Gardener20 August 2011 06:39

And some rich ladies leave a fortune for their pets in their will!!!

I would be happy join you in the next birth:))))))
Bubblegum....25 January 2013 11:53

hahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhaha....(100 times)

Awesome tip! :D
The Gardener26 January 2013 06:37

Hope you will follow these when the time comes:))))))
Bubblegum....26 January 2013 09:49

:D :D Yes for sure! :) This is our little secret ;)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats ann.....when is your Marriage happening....i mean ur d day date....,u did not share anythng about that.....!

Ann said...

@Gardener: thanks guys for your best wishes. .. @Anonynous: Thanks for your best wishes.. it's on January 22nd

Anonymous said...

hello....have read your blog post.congratulations for how are the preparations going on and when are you going to write next..share more pics n words...!!

Anonymous said...

hey congratulations.......share your wedding pics .....:)

Rajesh kumar said...

Hey Ann,

I hope things are going well. Though it's long enough but still congratulations!!. It's been almost an year that we heard back from you. Not sure if you still got moments to cherish LOL :)
Wish you luck & take care. If possible, spare some time to write back your wonderful blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hello annie,
Hope you are enjoying your life......why did you stop writing now....shadi ka side effect hai kya......share some photos atleast of you n your husband....!

Anonymous said...

hello Ann,
this is laxmi from delhi.i am a lecturer with miranda college in delhi university.
i have been reading and following your blog since last few years and feel connected with your thoughts.we have same likings and interests ( at last few :) ). i wanted to connect with you through any good social media site u r not very regular here now. i have joined facebook today only , i will be happy to join you there or if u are on any other social media site and not facebook then plz share the details.
would love to stay connected .....last bt nt least i found you very lively and strong person.keep it name on facebook is laxmi singh, from that you can find me there easily. n its not a junk message as u are already married no1 will dare to eve tease you ..hahaah......:P.
hope to hear from you soon.
thanks n wishes

Anonymous said...

hello aruna urf annie,
this is laxmi singh....i have read n regularly followed ur blog....wanted to get connected with you as i like d way u think n write....after a long search i managed to search u on facebook....i have sent you the friend request today only....kindly accept n lets get will be good being friends with you......looking forward for your reply on facebook ...dropped u a message as well........btw hw r u...u did nt write here since long...hope all is wishes

Ann said...

Hi Laxmi.. So nice of you..for reading my blog.. and it's great to hear praise always :) .. but i could not find your frend request on Facebook. Please send it again.. Regards, Annie

Ann said...

Yes Kritika.. Am doing well by god's grace.. Will share some pics very soon :)

Ann said...

Hi Rajesh ! Thanks for being regular on my blog.. will soon write few posts... :) how r u doing? please send me your blog url also.

Anonymous said...

hello annie,
this is laxmi per our conversation through posts i sent you facebook friend request again.hope you can find it now.if you do not find, i am sending you the link for my facebook profile page.please go through it and you send me a request as i think some of your security settings you do not get to see friend requests from all.....accept soon.

best wishes