Thursday, December 6, 2012

Well there is a lot to share since I've posted last time but work kept me occupied and as I have joined the new organization so, it took some time to bring everything on track. Today is the weekend so am quite excited and thought of writing a blog post.

The new organist is quite good as people and work both are fine. Recently I discovered a new interest of mine. I like taking pictures. And now i have the new smartphone :) , i take pictures frequently, though I am not a good photographer, but i try to capture some natural clicks.

Here are few of them:

This is the first picture I took from my Smartphone :) which I bought on this Diwali
This is my nephew Vedant who is a big fan of Salman khan :)

Fireworks on Diwali Eve

Well, these are jut a few.. will post more when I'll improve on my skills. :) Till then, Take Care..


Jack said...


I am so glad that you are settled well in new job. I too like to click whenever I can but need help to post it here. I have posted a few recently. Do have a look.

Take care

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Hello. And Bye.