Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sitting idle in my office, nowadays I wait for the clock to tick 7. While waiting, I am exploring few good shooping and reading optiosn as well. Like recently I explored that I have few unpublished posts which I think are well written and interesting read. So, from now onwards, I publsi those unpublished posts sometimes:

Hope you will enjoy reading them :) Here is a post from May 2012:

So, nowadays, as I am jobless, I am enjoying this phase of life as well. Doing house chores, then applying for jobs and reading the novel "Almost Single" (Which is the best part of day these days). I am glued to it. The novel is really interesting especially if you are a single women looking for that perfect match. Really, I can relate to that. While reading that novel, I was thinking, why do we girls fall for wrong options even if we know that they are not the ones, we are looking for but on the other hand I think how would we know what we want if we would not try diferrent options or date different guys (to be more specific).

Like Misha, the best friend of the lead lady of the novel, we all have few experiences. Meet different kind of guys at every stage life, some are interesting, die hard handsome (whome every chick would like to date) while others play smart. Some are real jerks while others were big time losers. Lollzz... I can be real bitch sometimes. Anyways, what I have noticed is me and most of my friends end up with losers. But no regrets seriously as most of them are happily married now and have found their soulmate in their "Arranged Marriage Husbands." Though I am still single, I hope I will find that dream man of mine which I have been waiting since I have started dreaming about love. The morale of the strory is live life, enjoy it, explore different options, and if it's not working out then MOVE ON!!!! You won't regret.
Now enough of this gyaan, please share your experiences.. 

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Raj said...

actually speaking, its not the guy or the girl that really matters. its the effort that one puts in a relationship that does. and once again some people strive hard to be with someone while the other may be just too busy to do...whatever you know the deal.

PULKIT said...

agree with the part...that we do need to move on in life... but disagreeing on the part that there stays a better option always in the waiting...

I am not sure of this...

Someone once left me,
and I am yet to find...
Someone like her again,
perhaps... rest I ever met afterwords were good
but for me...
she was the best

Jack said...


You summed up very nicely in the closing para. I will add that live your life as per your conscience and try to have positive attitude. Life throws many twists and turns at us, so we should face it with courage and so what is right.

Take care

Dip said...

oh yeah, thats the way to go. you got to explore your options..

and when you experience that click, you go for it. follow your heart.. always. we all go through some shitty relationships before finding the right guy :)

i liked that book too

oRange* said...

Right on! Well said.
You have to go through some bad ones to meet THE one noh :)
And at the end, it's all a learning process!

Nice blog
I have to read that book now!

Sameera said...

I love the new template..!
The post reminds me of a quotes-
"You only find things when you stop looking"

haritha said...

hmm..might b true tht few have to move on aftr break-ups
but im in a relation which has just dreams attatched to it actaully speakin we will fulfill it aftr some yrs.. bt r sure...

ya im happy with all d fights....lolz

actaully when u really fall in love u cant get back..i know it...

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!!! i thouroughly fall into the same category. and expecially after my latest heartbreak( which i guess was the only very serious one,for which i still cry day in and out), i kinda have lost all my energy. no energy n time remainin for another broken relationship. but yeah, i still believe in miracles n fairy tales. so i still look forward to that one special guy! hope he is worth it.

and yeah, i agree. good girls end up gettin dumped by losers..

lovely write.

loved every word of it :)

keep goin

pRasad said...

I simply loved your thoughtfulness. I guess, relationships break because in early stages of your life you are soo confused that about what you actually want from your partner !..

You said about dating some jerks.. I sometime wonder, how women date "obvious jerk" and then repent.

Nice blog..Following it :) ..Want to read more posts.