Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well since past two days am sitting alone in my cabin as the other two girls have been shifted to another cabin. Earlier felt a bit aloofed but now am back to the "Queen of My Room" form. Lol. Queen without any praja. Well a lot happens inside and outside us. In outside world we live a normal life but inside, we have our own worls where only those people can sneak who we want to. You might have got an idea. So, here is a small beautiful secret from my inside world.

There is a guy who comes daily in the park when I go for morning walk. And in fact, he is one of the main reasons that motivates me to wake up early and hit the ground since past 3 months. So, we sneak peak at each other once in a while. As he is handsome, you can say that I'm a bit attracted towards him :) or you can say that he is the flavor of the season. Anywayws, yesterday when I was on rounds as usual, he came from behind and said Good Morning. Tadaaaa... But, I was too surprised that I could not reply him back. And in fact, thought he is a bad/chaalu guy. Then I shared the incident with my colleagues, they also said why didn't u reply back. Since then I'm thinking, why I missed the opportunity. So, today I was all ready, that if he would wish me, I'll wish him back. But. He didn't (May be a girl was behind me that's why he didn't). OMG. Now am waiting, When he would wish me again becoz I want him to talk to me. After so many years, he is the guy whom I like by looks (otherwise I hardly get attracted towards anybody untill or unless they approach me).

Anyways, this was a little secret from my inner world.

Happy Weekend !!!
Take Care,


Rajesh Kumar said...

Thats cute :)
As per my experiences, its good to not to reply at first attempt. But create next opportunity for him instead of keep waiting...!!
Good Luck !!

Ordinary Gal said...

Good Luck dear..keep telling us about ur cute story..m waiting :)

Jack said...


Read 2 posts. I have heard a lot about BARFI, now with your views I may see it a s a p. Do wish him back and as a matter of fact why wait for him to do it, you may wish him if you feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong to be friends but do not neglect your interests.

Take care