Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sitting idle in office and doing mundane tasks. Nowadays, I feel that I do not like talking on phone much. Even if I don't have anything to do, I either do my office work or look for better jobs (as again I'm looking for a good job) since there is no learning scope left here. But sometimes, I get irritated with this boring schedule also. Only office and home and some stress leaves me frustrated and irritated sometimes. For instance, yesterday, I was sitting quite and a bit irritated. Though my colleagues asked me what happened why you behaving like that but I could not give them the proper reason. As I don't know why I feel so. We get only Sundays off. So, I hardly get chance to go for outings. I really need to find some good tips, what I shall do, when I feel irritated and bored. Please suggest me some good ideas.


Rajesh Kumar said...

Hey Ann, feel sorry for your boring schedule but its the story for every employee. Although every one has its own way to get rid of it yet I can suggest a few killer ideas:
- have more than one boy friend (no matter if time pass only)...their money our fun -:)
- if no real time BF then go for chatting friends...can chat in chat rooms..
- music really works...workout for different playlists for different moods (always works for me - I love rock music)
- girl's favourite - bitching about some one with some one...
- setup a target for your-self like beach body, long hairs, swimming, guitar etc... push yourself for 21 days & you know what will happen after that -:)
I learned from my current boss...whatever be the situation never lost your sense of humour. I like it very much.

Jack said...


Best of luck to get over this phase. Also hope you find a job to your heart soon.

Take care

Ann said...

@Rajesh: Thank you for the suggestions Rajesh.. Will definitely follow some of them :)

@Jack: Thank you uncle :)