Friday, August 17, 2012

It's been long since I wrote something.. First of all, belated happy Independence to you all. A lot is there to share since I posted last time. My workplace has become quite chaotic these days as majority of the staff consists of gals so you can expect how it must be like.. gossips, bitching and discussions in all breaks during office hours. So, both pros and cons are there. Recently, after some incidences, I have made a promise to myself that at this independence day, I am giving myself the independece from all the negative thoughts, my past, and above all the independece from being too sweet and good to everyone. Rather than torturing myself for wat others think about me, I'll be myself. Accept me if u like me as I am otherwise it's your decision. I'll try to be polite and humble but not by compromising on my values. Rest is great. Delhi is enjoying good monsoon and am lovong it and my new Independence :) Hope you all are doing great too.

Take Care,


Jack said...


A very right realization. Be yourself. You need not think about what others think or say as you can not please everyone. Just do what is OK by your conscience. Be polite but not a doormat. Have self respect but not ego. Be proud but not vain. I am sure you will do well in life.

Take care

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thats the best one can do on Independence day. All the best Ann...You seems to be very busy with your professional life as you are not blogging anymore... :)
Wish you luck

Ann said...

@Jack Uncle: Thank you uncle for your love and support :)

@Rajesh: Yes, Last few months have been very hectic. Hope will frequently post again. And yes, thanks for being such a regular reader and appreciating my posts.. :)