Monday, March 12, 2012

Not backward,
Not in the past,
Not in agony,
And not in regret,
Look forward, my friend!

In a world full of cynics,
Individuals regretful of the past and fearful of the future,
Where will you find optimism, hope and peace?
Nowhere but in the present,
And in the present, by looking forward, my friend!

Past is history,
Put it in a dictionary,
Look for a hopeful today and promising tomorrow,
By forgetting all that already happened,
And by waiting to find out what will next happen,
By looking forward, my friend!

Say no to negativity,
Say no to agitated mind and worrisome thoughts,
Accept uncertainty,
Do so by non-resistance, acceptance and surrender,
He who brought you here will sustain you,
Have this firm faith in you,
And live by looking forward, my friend!

P.S. Please forget the past, look forward, move ahead and make new memories. Let go the past and move ahead..

God bless!
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Nice one- loved this penning ♥

Jack said...


A very sane advice.

Take care

Krazyy Tenzee said...

positive message! :]

and yes, we should all loove forward..move ahead. learn from the past. past is always going to be there but we shouldn't let it effect our present or future(?)