Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Although it's been over 10 days since the new year has started, but it's never late to give you all the bet wishes. So, here I am wishing you all the best wishes for 2012. May god bless you all with good health, happiness and prosperity. May all your dreams come true. My new year started with a good note. I met some of my old friends (from "B.N.A.G.S. group") and spent whole day chatting and hanging around with time. We gossiped (which is the usual thing with our gang) and shared our future plans. Overall it was fun and felt good to hang around with them.

Here are few pictures, of the evening:

Till later,
Take Care,


Akum said...

happy New Year...

Rajesh Kumar said...

Happy New Year Ann!! Very nice pics.
I hope you will provide us more updates about the journey of getting good job!! These days I am really looking for a nice motivational posts from you :) I am searching for job... :(
Thanks in advance

Ann said...

@Akum: Same 2 u Buddy!!
@Rajesh Kumar: Thanks Rajesh.. Same to you.. I've posted the tips. Hope it will help.. Hope you find your dream job soon.

Good Luck,