Friday, July 15, 2011

As Promised I am back with some pictures that I clicked last weekend.. Though I am not a good photographer, but I have this inclination towards clicking pictures: So, here it goes:

It was heavily raining last saturday.. and this was a beautiful view in front of my house.

You can see the small droplets on the road.. It was flooded with clear water..

ISCKON Temple Entrance (East of Kailash)

Well these were the few, which I found best.. I hope, you will like them too..

It's very late now.. I got to go..

Till then,
Take Care,
Love you all,


A. K. said...

How are you? Love the pictures. Am really enjoying Delhi's Weather right now..

Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

@A.K. : I'm good.. And it's good to see your comment after such a long time.. Yeah weather is awesome these days. Enjoy!!!

Rajesh Kumar said...

pictures seems to be so nice...its been long time to see rain :(
thanks for the pictures...

Sh@s said...

Nice pics :)

Jack said...


Care for partnership to open a QUALITY PHOTO STUDIO and also putting up show on photographs of nature?

Take care