Monday, May 30, 2011

I have learnt and accepted the fact that "Nothing is parmanent"; neither our friends, family nor the hapiness aur the pain we face. Nobody or nothing is going to stay with us for whole our life. Situations change and so the people. So, after accepting this, I am enjoying my life now. Living for the moment and tring to make memories that I'll cherish. Few days back, I joined an institute to prepare for Govt. Job and there I made few friends. Some became good friends. So, it was kind of a great change for me.. I felt as if I am back in my college life.. So, this new friend of mine, initially, he tried to flirt with me. But now we have become good friends. We shared our stoties, experiences and our dreams. We enjoyed speding time with each other. Yesterday was our last class. We exchanged our no's and promised to remain in touch. He was sad and told me Why didn't we met earlier so, we could spend some more time with each other. And I told him that may be this little time we've spent together will make us smile when we will be alone..

That time I realised, I have grown up. Now things like loss, parting or any sorrow do not affect me. I enjoy the moment without clinging on the other person or situation and then move on to make new memories. I don't know whether we will be able to see each other again or not.. but yes, this change was good and I'm looking forward to meet such wonderful people in Future as well!


Jack said...


One should not be weighed down with emotions but have practical view. However it does not mean that one should become a robot but control over emotions for better is what we need. You both had good friendship and I am sure if he has liking towards you, he will contact you. One should keep fond memories.

Take care

PS : No visits?

Rajesh Kumar said...


I wish you luck for your new journey. I hope you will have fun ahead.