Monday, April 4, 2011

So, after much chaos, finally, my parents have told me to find a suitable match for myself.. And they'll do other formalities after that.. It doesn't mean that I'll start searching for boyfriends now. But, yeah, now I'll be searching guys on matrimonial websites myself and will contact them. If I approve them, them parents will come into the pucture.. So, yesterday, I screened 4 guys and contacted them myself.. It might sound awkward to some of you .. but now it has become a do and die situation for me.. as my parents have given me the deadline and I have to meet that.. Lolzz...It makes me feel like as if I'm on a mission "Dulaha Dhundo" (Goom hunting).. Anyways, back to the track.. so, I spoke to few guys and 2 of them were nice.. One responded back and was very smart to talk to.. I don't know whom I'll be getting married to but ya, this is a new experience for me and now I can give advice on groom hunting apart from job hunting and boyfriends.. Let's see what's stored in for me NEXT !!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Listening to "Tinka Tinka" song from the movie "turning 30". It's a beautiful song and I cud actually relate to it. There comes a time in life when u actually, truly feel aloofed inside and out. No one approves your decisions as you've become dependent on them, living in their house. I have been realising this thing since I've quit my job. Till the time, I had my job and used to nod at every thing my parents used to tell me, I was a good daughter. My decisions were approved. But, now since I am jobless, don't have a boy friend who wants to marry me or (whome I want to marry), surving alone, Now I have become good for nothing in everyone's eyes. I can't take my decisions. I can't go for outing with my friends. People come and tell me that I am ruining my life sitting idel at home and to make it worse they advice me to get married as soon as possible to whomesoever my parents approve.

Don't I have the right to choose a guy for myself just becoz I'm jobless and getting old? Rather than spending next 30 years of mysery with a person, isn't it worth to wait for the right person to come and spend some less years (but happy moments) with the one I love. I don't know, where life will lead me but I know I will fight till I live and will marry only the one whome I find suitable for myself. Rightnow, I urgently need a job, so that I can move out of my parents home and live on my own.