Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nothing much to share. Feeling a bit aloof as Alps has left for her city. Soon, she'll be getting married and will enter a new phase of her life. So, god bless her. Right now, everyone in the office is planning for tomorrow's Diwali Party. However, am not quite excited. Missing all my pals. Last year, I remember we had a blast in our last office with our "gang of gals". But, the scene has completely changed this year. Am in new office. Though I've made many friends here, most of them would be on leave tomorrow so I don't have anyone to crack jokes on others. I know am a bitch who's always looking forward to bitch about others. Lol. Anyway, I had to take it out. Miss you all: Pinks, Alps, Guy with beautiful hair :) and others too.

Here is a beautiful pic. dedicated to all my loving friends. and yeah, Wish you all a very Happy Diwali :)

Take Care and Enjoy!



CutePriya said...

Awwww....that's a lovely pic...Friends going away is the saddest part...Have a great party with Ne Friends...Best Diwali Wishes to you ^_^