Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well a lot is going around me and in my head these days which worries me sometimes. While on one moment I think, I need not to worry as everything would be fine in few days, it causes a strange kind of anxiety sometimes. For instance:

I am waiting to be relieved from this hell (my present organisation). They are not paying me as I have to serve the notice period and I've broken the one year bond. This is driving me crazy almost as I'm left with no money now.

Secondly, people are trying to get into my nerves as they ask me when are you planning to get married? As if they have to arrange for the dowry money.. What the hell.. I definitely will get married, once I find a suitable guy who finds me suitable for himself as well (as it should be from both the sides.)..

Third, I have very little balance in my mobile, that's the most important issue as I can't call my friends as frequently as I used to and can't give missed calls every time as it is against my ethics. No offences to those girlfriends who have boyfriends who call them back on giving missed calls.

So, in short, I'm not feeling good at all about anything. It's the time to grab a chocolate, I suppose. And thanks for bearing a ranting post..

Take Care,


Rajesh Kumar said...

Hey Ann,
Seems very upset...After reading yr blogs I think u r the one who dnt need anyone support or help but yourself....I think u yrself need to view yr old posts...they r amazing & show yr original personality..
So many inspiring blogs u have written so u must have spent so much good time too...I hope u will also enjoy yr own blogs after such a long time... :)
All these good & bad pals fill colors in life...always remember Black & white life is not colorless...because black & white are also colors...

AK said...

HEY, Life is a bitch... It suck to be broke. I have good experience in that part. LOL... I don;t even want to say 'Time will settle everything' because that would be too lame. But be strong and don't give up the fight..

Sourav C Pandey said...

Hold on, things will be back to it's place, really soon! Enjoy your chocs! :)

Heff said...

I prefer BEER over chocolate !

Ann said...

@Rajesh: Yeah, mood swings you know.. Sometimes I feel very excited, while other times I become low.. I know, I myself can solve these problems, but I need to take it out. Nothing is going as per my plan, that leaves me frustrated sometimes..

@AK: Thanx AK, I'm trying to cope up

@SouravL thanks dude!

@Heff: Yeah beer is also an option, but I prefer Vodka ;)

Boonie S said...

Stay cool. Hang loose. Don't try to cook a ten pound turkey during a power cut.
It'll be fine. Trust me.

All the best, Boonie

Jack said...


Relax. This is passing phase. Organisations do act sticky when it comes to relieving a person. Let people say what they wish to and just ignore. Do not rush into hasty decisions. It has to be accepted from both sides.

Take care

Christiejolu said...

I am visiting from A.K's blog...What beautiful pictures those were...Breath taking...

And seriously what is up with people asking the "When are you going to get married" question...Maybe I am perfectly happy being single!!! LOL!