Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Since the day I've resigned from my job, I'm realising that there are so many people who are concerned about me. For instance, one of my blogger friends called me up and suggested me some job offers. Though, we don't know each other personally, still I felt that through this Blog, I've made some wonderful pals. Another friend (Priya) called me up and told she wud be always with me, no matter how things go. I felt so good about it. Moreover, people in my office are coming to me and telling that they are going to miss me. Really, it feels so special when people show that they care for you. Though life is tough, but I've realised that I'm blessed with some wonderful friends and this will help me keep moving... Thank you All :)

Take Care,


Jack said...


Don't you worry, we all are there for you. But do keep in mind to give a good treat the moment you join what you really would like to.

Take care

CutePriya said...

I will be there daling...and such an amazing, wonderful person would have no dearth of jobs "Trust Me"....All the very best...

P.S. File Closed, NEXT ^_*