Friday, October 22, 2010

Although, I have done many blunders in my childhood, but they were not major. As far as I remember, today is the first day and first moment of my life where I took a major decision without consulting anyone (not even my parents or any close friend). Yeah, I resigned from my job. I don't know the reason exactly, but I was not finding it interesting and satisfying. Everyone from my colleagues to T.L. to Business manager were asking me the reasons.. And I was like, I'm not satisfied. Although people around me are telling me that why you do this in such a haste, but seriously, I don't have any regrets for that. I don't know whether I will find a better job or not? Whether they will break the bond or not? Nothing.. All I know is that today for the first time, I listened to my heart rather than using my head. And I'm feeling, free, relieved and Content.. Let's see where Life takes me now..

Till later,
Take Care,


A. K. said...

Wow Girls.. That's amazing. I really respect who are spontaneous and i salute you for that. The joy of living is in the uncertainties. Hell yeah we should always follow our own heart and do what we want do after we get to live only once and in this short period why should you live for someone else...
Don't worry about finding another job, you never know what life will take you.. Good luck and great to hear about that..

CutePriya said...

I don't know how to react to this...but i am happy for you...what's the point working in such a place where yo don't have job satisfaction...:)

Raj said...

i cant judge if you what you did what right or wrong. i have neither a heart nor a brain. all i can say is, if it feels better then great!

Rajesh Kumar said...

Welcome back...
Thats interesting.At lest some one got the courage to listen his heart in this modern world.Tats a great inspiration Ann...keep the spirit up.
I heard something interesting "Everything will be good at end.If it is not good then it is not the end". So what r u planning to do now?

Jack said...


There is a very old song which says " DUKHI MAN MERE, JAHAN NAHIN SAHNA, WAHAN NAHIN REHNA." There is no use in continueing with unhappiness or dissatisfaction. You will surely find something much better suited to your abilities.

Take care

Darril said...

Hi Ann,
There is nothing called right or wrong, we take decision and have to make it right..Wish you to get a new good job.. have a nice time..

Ann said...

@A.K. : Thanks A.K. Yeah, I know there is something better stored for me.. let's see what it comes out to be.

@CutePriya: I know.. In these 4 years of corporate world, I have realised that I can't continue doing things that I don't enjoy

@ Raj: Yeah, it feels great

@ Rajesh Kumar: I'm trying to figure it out. That what I want? May be I'll go for some social work.. teaching or may be theatre, let's see

@ Jack: Thank you Uncle Jack. Thanks for your best wishes :)

@ Darril: Thanks, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best.