Thursday, October 28, 2010

Past few months have been a bit weird, I had new idea where I am heading and what will be stored in future. I have lived my life through planning and a careful behaviour. Though, I've enjoyed it till now, but still feel that I was living in a Box. A box of self made restrictions, obligations and duties. But, this year, 2010 has been a rough year in many ways and now I've learned that no one can plan or plot things as per their will. It's the destiny somewhere that plays its role and directs us. So, I surrender. Now, onwards, I'll just live for the moment and will not plan for future. Yeah, I'm putting a full stop to Planning and Thinking for time Being as suggested by "S" - My friend.

I surrender to joy
Joy is power.

I surrender to love
Love is a power sublime.

I surrender to oneness
Oneness is the measureless power.

I surrender to God
God is the absolute Power supreme.

Take Care,


Sameera said...

Hope you enjoy your new journey!

CutePriya said...

Yeah...Yeah...yeah...that's the way to go gurl....even i am breaking rules and taking life as it comes...and it's so RELAXING...:)

Ann said...

@Sameera: Thanks.. Yeah, am looking forward to a better journey.

@CutePriya: I know.. Let your hair down and dream whatever you want ;)

Jack said...


We all get what is destined but that does not mean at all that we stop striving and just be passive for things to happen. One needs to have direction and that comes from applying your mind to chart out your route but at the same time one should be ready to have flexibility if things do not go the way one wishes. Planning is totally different from plotting or scheming.

Take care