Monday, August 2, 2010

Listening "Main aur meri tanhai... ye kahan aa gaye hum yu hi sath-sath chalte" from the movie "Silsile". While listening to this song I was thinking, till now I've met so many people in life. Some were best friends, some were just friends and there are some whose name I remember, but not the faces. So, in short, some were there for a reason, some were there for a season :) .. And life will go on like this. One day, our life will be like a book classified into various chapters. Some chapters with joy and full of life while other chapters filled with disappointments and sorrows. Then, one day, we'll remember these days and will laugh at some of our experiences like how we used to react... It would be a colorful collage. I don't know how the remaining journey is going to be, but hope when I'll die, I'll say: "What a wonderful journey" and will close my eyes peacefully. Amen.


A. K. said...

Don't take this in the wrong sense but how come you can listen to Bollywood songs 24*7. Why don't you give artists such as Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and John Lennon a try. Their songs are just just songs, its like poetry. Am sure you will love it. For starter try Imagine by John Lennon and Kimberly by Patti Smith. When listening to these songs, don't just listen, listen to the lyrics and try to figure out what they are tell. You will just love em..

Jack said...


First of all - BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. How I wish I had known it earlier and also could send e card to you. May I, if you allow? True, life is like flowing river meeting so many GHAATS. And we will surely remember how time went by.

Take care

Ann said...

@ A. K.: Yeah sure AK, will surely listen to them. Thanks for your suggestions Dude. I never mind friends suggesting me something.. So, keep posting your comments. I love em.

@Jack: Thank you Jack! Yeah you can send me card on