Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Was not able to figure out the proper title for this blog post, so I summarized it and put it. Actually, I was down with fever from past two days. With changing weather, viral is common nowadays. This is the worst feeling, I tell you. Everything seems soooo tasteless and then the weakness. And above that, I am pissed off with the IT guy. Every morning we have to run after him to get our internet connected. **ASSHOLE**. Why all IT people are assholes? Don't mind but I've seen in every organization, these IT people have their own attitude as if they are the king of the organization.

Ok, keep that asshole aside. So, I got first salary since I've joined this organization. And as per the policy, my colleagues were demanding a treat. So, two of us contributed and treated them with snacks. It was kind of small get together and fun. I got to know many people whom I used to consider bad. Through this get together I came to know that they are actually nice to talk to. So, slowly and gradually, I am adapting to this new environment and enjoying it. Now, I am looking forward to next week as it's going to be a real fun. 1. Rakhi is on Tuesday. 2. I have to attend a friend's weeding on Thursday and then finally, I'll be getting 2 off (Sat & Sun) after that. So, really excited about that.

Ok then, see you later as I have to catch that IT Assh**le :)

Love you all,


Crazy Diamond said...

lol, have fun

Pooja Mahimkar said...

i can understand what u meant with the IT guys.. i have experienced that myself. :P

CutePriya said...

ha..ha...funniest title ever...where's my Treat lolz...and have a very nice weekend gurl...


P.S. IT Guys are real A**H****

Rajesh Kumar said...

oh I hope it is side effect of heavy rain.I remember your last post where u had lot of fun in rain & now this side effect lol, In my last two organization IT is always such a helpful department. May be its just a chance that you met with such kind of IT people. Sorry to say but just check are they really Asshole??? By the way I am not an IT guy... :)