Friday, August 6, 2010

As I always say "I believe in Change." as nothing is permanent. So, day before yesterday, our team (office) got shifted to the third floor. Earlier, I was a bit depressed as people out here are freshers and behave like kids. I was all the time bitching about them. But as the day passed, I started adapting to the change and now am feeling good about it. Then yesterday, My TL informed me tat he is not coming today and again I've to communicate to all other deptt. heads on his behalf. Earlier, I felt so burdened, but then I felt I can't run from my responsibilities like this. I need to take initiatives and show people that yes, I can very well handle things on my own. Now my TL hasn't come today, and I am replying to mails on his behalf, editing articles, attending meetings and all. In short, though it's hectic but I'm enjoying it.

So, the morale of the story is we must not be scared of the Changes. As changes bring new challenges and opportunities to adapt to the new enviro... And you become the fittest to survive in this wicked world (I hope all of you must have read that "Survival of the Fittest" theory). Now, have to rush for another project. Till later, loads of love and take care.


CutePriya said...

Ha..ha..this is so good...even the same happened with me today and i am sending reports ans stinkers to my team (acting a little bossy)...seems daunting at first but later you feel good about dis :0

AK said...

This is very inspiring.. After reading this, i feel like saying FUCK YOU to my manager and TL and start looking for a new job.
Seriously I feel like doing that. LOL. Anyway my TL is not that bad expect when she comes to work with her fucked up attitude.

P.s: Sorry for using the F work but at the moment no other word can signify the situation better.

Maubrey said...

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Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. At times it is best to leave questions unanswered and accept the situation. Life is never still. So changes are bound to take place and it is upto us to either adapt to it or keep cribbing and be unhappy. I am proud that you are shouldering your responsibilities well. Keep it up and reward will be there soon.

Take care