Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is colorful. We all have had our share of experiences and our lives our different. But then, whenever we look back, time leaves us with good experiences that add to our sweet memories and bad experiences from which we learn lessons.

Here I am sharing certain lessons I've learnt from my past experience. Sharing with you all.

Don't expect much: However, this might seem a bit difficult as expectations rise with time. But it's always good to keep your expectations low from people. You will always remain Happy. It works at least for me.

Either you accept it or you Accept it: Certain things to situations are not in our hands. So, better to leave them and move on. After all, life is not to regret every now and then.

Give your best to every relationship, but still if it doesn't workout, leave it on destiny. You can't please everyone. So, live life your own way.

Go By your Gut Feeling: Our heart is the best guide. I believe in god, but not the one who is in temples, but it is the one inside us. Yes, our heart is the god, who warns us and tells us the truth, if you'll start listening yo your heart than, you would never fail in taking decisions.

Don't blind faith: Never blind faith anyone. There are only few people who will not break your trust. So, "dikhawon pe na jaao, Apni akal ladao."

And last but not the least, Live and Let others live: Means, Live life on your own terms. Don't bound people. If they are your true mates, they'll always stay with you.

Ok enough of this Gyaan. This is what I've learnt from my life till now. Share your experiences and what you've learnt.


A. K. said...

way to go girl... This is amazing... Even I have similar philosophy about life..

QM said...

I love this post :)
Every path in life is a long journey that is filled with values we often tend to forget.

CutePriya said...

This one is my favorite too...I have stopped expecting and try always to give my best to relationships..Gurl you're are AWESOME!!!

Loads of Love,

Ann said...

@ A.K. :) Yeah, the best way to live life.

@QM: Thanks Sweety

@CutePriya: Thanks Priya for always supporting my thoughts and adding your views.


Rajesh Kumar said...

Hey Ann,
I love this post. This is awesome. you really got the talent & I feel u must be a mature person after so many experiences. I love the line " I believe in god, but not the one who is in temples, but it is the one inside us." Awesome thought... Unfortunately all you written are conclusion of bad experiences & kind of precautionary measures. Would you like to share some good experiences also & funny too...
Also you din write for such a loooong time...y????

Ann said...

@Rajesh: Hi Rajesh! Thanks for liking the post and giving an honest review. I'll surely come up with some mst wala post.. :) Keep posting ..