Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The topic is quite out of context. But it's my favorite track from "I hate Luv storys." So jut picked it up. Weather is quite pleasant, today. It's drizzling outside. As far as my new work is place is concerned, the environment is quite cool and there are hell loads of assignments, so I hardly get time to breath. I wrote 2 articles for a client and they approved them and assigned more work. So, It's kind of my first achievement here. My TL was quite impressed and appreciated my work. Rest is fine. Now I'm waiting for the end of the month, when I'll get my first salary after 3 months' break. I am looking forward to spend all of the amount.

1. I have to buy a new mobile (Fed up with this old, cheap one)
2. Will download songs of "I hate Luv Storys." Loved them, specially the one: "Bin tere, bin tere..."
3. Buy new footwear
4. Watch Peepli (Live), the new Aamir khan movie.

OMG. It's quite a good list. Let's hope, it all works out. Rest is fine. Have to go back to work now.

Till later,
Take Care,


Vineet said...

yeh howaye zulfon mein teri gum ho jaye...
Its nice to know you joined new company :)

CutePriya said...

hey gurl...am glad u're enjoying the weather and this new beginning...cool shopping list...

A. K. said...

The weather is so good here but the traffic sucks big time!

Boonsong said...

Hope it all woks out - especially the cell phone and footwear stuff.

Have a nice day, Boonsong

Ms.R. said...

That's an impressive to do list. Mine is as unattractive as it gets... Laundry, dishes and crap. Pffff!

I liked the dialogue "Idhar udhar ki baatein. Waghera waghera"