Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"It had been a looong tiring day" - My favorite dialogue by Preity Zinta from Kabhi Alvida na kehna :) But yeah, it had been a long tiring day actually, All the time I was working and to avoid myself from sleeping, I listened to songs.

Have you ever noticed that certain songs always remind us of some situations whenever we listen them. No matter, how many years pass away, We remember those things whenever we listen to that particular track. Here are some of the songs that reminded me of some special moments, I will always cherish :)

  • Mere naseeb mei tu hai ki nahi: MCA First Year, All gals used to dedicate this song to their respective boyfriends :)
  • Jo khabo khayalo me socha nahi tha (From the movie Jannat): When I first joined the Gym. This I was gym instructor's favorite song, I suppose. He used to play it every morning at least twice thrice.
  • Hasi ke Fuwaree (Sud) on Radio Mirchi: My first organization cabs. We used to gossip a lot but whenever Sid used to speak, we used to listen the joke quietly and then laugh it at loud.
  • Kaise bataye, kyun tujh ko chahen (Ajab Prem ki gazab kahani): I watched it with my sis and did loads of shopping. It was fun.
  • Thekeya te Nit khadke (Punjabi song): Reminds me of my friend's brother's marriage when one of her friends was trying to impress me by dancing on this. It was so embarrassing. Lolzzz...
  • Ye bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hai from the movie "Karan Arjun": Reminds me of my childhood days.

So, which are your special tracks that remind you of something special


A. K. said...

Songs does bring back memories... Everytime I listen to skidrow's song 'I Remember you', i think about my school buddies and my high school sweet heart.. LOl!

CutePriya said...

My God Ann! you won't believe even I was about to write on something like this...a list of my fave songs that I listen while getting bored in office...Loved the list of songs...From the list

'Jo kwabo kyalon mein' is my fav...'Thekya ten nit khadke' is an all time party song and 'Mere nasib mein' was one time favorite (now sounds cheesy lolz)...

And yes you're totally FILMY..keep posting...

Loads of Love,

Ms.R. said...

Ooooohhh lovely list!

I have sooo many favorites. However all songs of Jannat reminds me of my man cuz we went to see this movie gold class, first day first show and then I was screaming my lungs out when I saw the stars right after the movie and baby looked at me like 'WTF?! you've lost your mind? You're star crazy?' whatever. Jannat;s songs were 'it' when the movie released.

Sourav said...

Songs are something, which keeps you alive all through the hectic work days! :)

Haan Tu Hai from Jannat is one of the fav of my playlist too! :D

Do you remember the song "Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse" - from one album, it remains my fav since so many years, so is Koi faryaad from Tum Bin!

take care! keep singing and smiling :)

Jack said...


Caught up with all pending posts. Visited AK and left my comment. I am so happy that you are settling down well in new organisation. Keep up with good and hard work, it pays. Choose your words / actions is one which needs to be followed seriously. FAKO, LOL. Nice songs in this one. I too have some but will share maybe later.

Take care

PS : No visit?