Friday, April 30, 2010

Since I'm gonna rant in this post then, why not warn people by the title itself. So, if you don't like ranting, please don't read. Anyways, nothing seems good these days. Don't know why? May be I'm sitting idle or anything else. Though I try to keep myself busy in work, tv and all entertainment stuff, but nothing is working out. I kinda argued with my mom. Though, she ignores my sarcastic comments these days to avaoid any fights and so do I. Really, now I have come to know, how boring it can be, sitting idle at home, doing nothing. I am going for interviews though, but no positive result yet. But not loosing hopes, looking forward to a great opportunity come my way.


CutePriya said...

Opportunities will come knocking your door gurl don't worry...things like these happen...i can totally understand, sitting at home can be so frustrating...even I had some arguments with my sister yesterday and today with a is too boring and saturated at times and we really need a BREAK...Like you, I am looking forward to it...let's keep our fingers CROSSED...Now gimme a Big SMILE...

Hugs & Love,
Priya :)

Akum said...

Rants, Rants and Rants.. That is what you girls are good at.. If you have a successful Career you rant that you dont want more success as you need to work more to keep the success level stable. If you are less successful you complain that you want more success. If someone give u a red dress you rant that you wanted the blue dress and if you get the blue dress you rant that the yellow dress would have been better.

Go out see the world.. There are far more worse people who are stuck in more shity situation. To hell with your rants.. Life is no bed of rose. Every day is a battle that you have to fight.. Ranting does not solve any problem.. Look out of your window, you will see thousands of homeless people living in the street thinking, from where his next meal will come.... Ranting is so useless...

(P.s: I too love to rant)

Crazy Diamond said...



wait wait, patience patience, you'll get the best job. its more important to do something you'll really enjoy and feel comfortable with. it will work out!

do things you really enjoy till then.. and be glad that you have this break..make the most of it.


hehe all the best!

-- dip

Jack said...


Relax. It takes time to get into good position. Do not get oversensitive. Best of luck.

Take care

sobhit said...

aram karo yar... job toh u'ill get sooner or later.. ya know eaiser said dan done.. 4 sitting idle can get 2 ur head ,,, but des relaxing days aint gona come back... so mk d most f dem.. do sm painting or stuff like dat... mk ur creatv syd f d brain work n let d logical 1 b at rest 4 smtym.. 4 once u get dat job u gona b back in d same politx infested corporate life :-/