Monday, March 22, 2010

The weekend was good as always, and Pinks made it more special by visiting my place. I told her just once to come to my place and she got ready. Soooo, sweet of her and it made my mom so happy, she treats her like a small doll. I love you Mom for loving my pals and supporting me every time. We went to mall, did some shopping and then ate gol gappas and bitched a lot. How can we miss that, after all, we are members of GOBs group.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my collection of books. Till now I have read 4 novels:

1. Five Point Someone - Loved the Character Ryan

2. Eleven Minutes - Loved the journey of Maria who was convinced that she will never find true love until she meets a handsome young painter, the love of her life.

3. Three Mistakes of my Life - Was adventurous

4. Two States - Can relate to Ananya, as she is possessive and impatient at times while understanding and independent at the other moment.

Now I'm looking forward to read these books

1. Almost Single - This was gifted by my old organisation's friends, love you guys.

2. Anything for you Ma'am -
It's a love story where the main lead of of the novel will anything for his love even jeopardize his career to travel the length of the country just to meet her.

3. Of Course I Love You. . ! Till I Find Someone Better - The title seems interesting :)

Till Later,
Love you all,


Jack said...


You seem to be an avid reader. Keep it up. I used to be one but for last few years I am happy if I can read the newspaper on the same day. Nice that you had fun with your friend. Can you check font colour as some of the words are difficult to read?

Take care

Sameera said...

"Ofcourse I love you..till I find someone better" is a disaster..! I regret every single rupee I spent on that book.. meaningless.. stupidity..!

You seem to be a fan of Indian Fiction too.. ! Nice...!:)

Di said...

ooh let em know how 'of course, i love you' turns out :)

oops i just read sameera's comment, i got my answer hehe

you liked 11 minutes? will read it