Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So, today after a long break, I started my fitness regimen again. I got up early by chance when my bro was preparing to go for a walk. I rushed to wear my shoes and told him, that I am coming with you. We went for a jog together. The greenery in the park was so refreshing and really it was a good start. I am happy that I am back to the normal schedule now. I can spend time with my family, watch daily soaps and then go for a walk in the morning (the best part of my day). Yes, exercising has become an integral part of my life now, and it has shown so many positive effects as well. I get loads and loads of complements, which I always love. Lollzz. Every women love complements. Yeah, I know. Now, I am here, in my office. these days, though I don't have much work, but I keep on reading new articles, chat with my college friends and pass time talking with my colleagues. Life is going smooth. Let's see what's next.

Till later,
Love you all,


Di said...

i decide to wake up early to go to a park every night but fail to get up! i just love the whole atmosphere early morning in parks. its so fresh.. green...pleasant and peaceful. in my area theres a park where joggers come all the time.. it has a lake in the middle.. and steps around it to sit on. i just love sitting there with my music. your post inspired me to just get up !

treadmilling gets boring. nature is a great company

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

cool... yeah, women always love compliments... ur life at present seems so cool... njoy. have fun :)

CutePriya said...

Great going gal..what a coincidence...even i woke up early and did some exercising...well, about compliments...you are pretty enough to get dem...

Priya :)

Ann said...

@ Di: Yeah Di, Nature is a great company.

@ Dr. Chandana Shekar: Thanks Chandana

@ CutePriya: Thanks Priya for another compliment :)

Jack said...


May you always have good time with your close friends. Please convey congratulations to Alps on engagement. May they have a lovely time together. And I am sure your Prince Charming will sweep you off your feel soon. Nice to know you are back to normal self with regular walks and all. May you be happy always.

Take care

Ms.R. said...

I've only been making 'plans' to join the gym or those swimmin classes but far the past 4 months, they're just plans! Good to know at least someone is so motivated. Please inspire me Ann. Even my bathroom scales don't scare me anymore!