Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, things happen in an unexpected way while other time they take shape the way we want them to be. But, anyways, with time we accept them. Like few months back, I got this new job, I was very excited to work in a new organization, with new people and with new clients. Things were moving pretty smooth. Then, after few days, I lost interest in the work because of the monotonous things. I was supposed to write the similar stuff almost every day. It was getting boring and hectic day by day, and suddenly to my pleasant surprise, our client disappeared and I got this new opportunity to work in normal day shift, which I am loving and on an in-house project. Though, it's boring to sit idle in in-house project but now I am looking for new and better opportunities and imagine, today I got at least 5 calls from big reputed organizations. Let's pray, that this time I end up in a big organization. Though money matters, but this time I want to work in better infrastructure while enjoying great facilities.

From my past experiences, I have observed, things get better and better with time. Let's hope, it happens this time as well. Right now, I am suffering from severe cold and fever, so just wanted to blog it out. It's great way to divert mind from that uneasy feeling.

Till later,
Take Care,


Jack said...


Firstly one should choose profession in which one has heart. Secondly do keep in mind bigger the organisation more government organisation like it becomes. One should work in company where one feels comfortable and has learning scope.

Take care

haritha said...

gud one

Di said...

oii, get well soon!
and yeah, you will definitely get to work in a great office..*prays*
just relax while you're unwell... take care.

A.K said...

Good to hear that you are enjoying your job...

CutePriya said...

Dear Ms. Ann,

Firstly, get well soon...and yes with time things get better...

Even I am looking for a change these days..."Lets Keep our fingers crossed"

All the very best...Take Care...

Priya :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Don't ever let the dirt settle in the seat you get in your job, get a better one asap ! :)

Wish you all the luck and success for future ! :)
I like the new template Ann :)

PS: Life is not fair, get used to it.:)

Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)