Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Most of us alsways misinterpret the term love. We take it as a mutual feeling between a girl and a boy. But it can be anything special between two individuals. Be it your family member, a friend, a relative or anyone.. yes, if someone or some gesture touches your heart, that is love.
Here is an awesome message from one of my loving friends that made my day, I have changed few lines to make it suit my situation. Read on:

Love is when Mom stares at me quitely and smiles.

Love is when my father opens the door late night I come back from office and asks how was the day?

Love is when my bro tells me, "We've found an ugly guy for you."

Love is when my sis says, "you will be married to the best person in the world"

Love is when my friend prays for me.

Love is when my best friends says, I will be with you always.

Isn't it beautiful? Can you feel now that love is scatterred all around us, you just need to recognise it. Yes, Love is in the Air... Feel it...

Keep loving,



CutePriya said...

That was indeed LoVeLy...

Love you too,
Priya :)

Sourav !!! said...

Love is what one feels after reading this post :)

Keep loving and falling in love .. Love and wishes :)

Ak said...

To me valentine Day is just a commercially forced day to love..

Dm said...

aww that is really sweet ..

ajitbiomed said...

welll thousand people have 1000 of perception about love, that is love.....one can feel it, bt can't describe it.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

that was too good. do u mind if i quote it on my blog/?

Virgo_The_Perfectionist said...

its lovely. I can just say that if your heart is filled with love then you will like anything in this world whatever it is.Thats the power of love.But problem is you can not search or win it.It is something which will choose you itself.
Quote is really beautiful.

Girl Next Door said...

Thanks everyone :)

Jack said...

G N D,

Read all pending posts. I have been a little irregular due to unavoidable reasons. Had good laugh on one about hung PC. I am with you on this one. It will be sweet of you if you give your views on similar one I have written lately.

Take care

Rachit Goel said...

Quite true...Love needn't be with just one person. IT is that exotic feeling that can come with almost anyone and everyone.
Sometimes even from the least expected people... :P