Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So, today was one of the boring days in office. Though I enjoy here, but today my p.c. got hang after 2 hours working. It was so bad that wen a folder was not opening after 10 clicks. Went to IT people several times and then they finally formatted it. and the whole time I was either staring at people or making unnecessary calls to old friends whom I had not spoken to since long. It feels so crap sometimes. Nowadays, even talking on phone feels like a time waste (only if there are someone important). Yeah, I hate my mobile, and one of the biggest reason is I lost my favorite one in a market. Now I am sitting idle as they have not installed MS Office yet and I am unable to open any docs.

After so may boring stuff, here is something, that I am enjoying these days:

1. Reading Chetan's new novel 2 states after reaching home after work. Love both Krish and Ananya. I think I can relate myself to Ananya.

2. Watching movies in parts every morning after having breakfast. Nowadays, I am watching Wake Up Sid.

3. Learning few new dishes.

4. Have got a new, short hair cut which I am flaunting these days and getting many complements as well :). I love complements.

Now I am waiting for the IT person to come back with MS Office CD. Have nothing to do and can't help it even. Want to go back home and read what happens next in 2 States.

Till later, Enjoy.

Love you All,


Sourav !!! said...

You are lucky, you enjoy time being 'idle' .. I don't !

Anyways was in your blog after really long .. How are you?

And yes, Wake Up Sid is a nice movie and 2 States is a nice novel, though the tragedy is they both have a nice Indian style HAPPY ENDING :P

And btw, I dould relate to Krrish ! :)

Take care :)

Anonymous said...
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CutePriya said...


mISSed you girl...a lot... ur doing great...will keep reading... New Hair Cut...wow sweety...an yes am also looking forward to read "TWO States"

Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

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