Monday, December 28, 2009

So another Monday with new hope, New Targets and new weekend ahead :) ... Have loads of things to share but don't have much time and mood. So, here are few random thoughts.

  • Missing Mom (I usually do that, when I'm away from home).
  • Missing My old organization and friends. Love you Guys.
  • Missing my Buddy. He's away and sleeping. Will fight with him tomorrow morning. Love you baby.
  • Feeling Cold, it's too chilled here. 13 degrees. I hate winters.
  • Feeling drowsy. Want to reach home asap and hide in my quilt.
  • Looking forward to a great Weekend and New Year.

OK. Love you All,



Jack said...

G N D,

13 degrees, it is touching 5 degrees here. How is the new place? Hope you like it and also judge people before you start trusting them to open your heart. Have a beautiful time on New Year eve and may 2010 be what you wish it to be.

Take care

CutePriya said...

Have a great year ahead...Enjoy the chilly weather baby... :)