Monday, November 23, 2009

So, I did nothing on last Weekend. Usually I don't do anything special on Weekends, but this weekend was special. As I didn't go out for movies, shopping. Nothing at all. I spent quality time sitting in front of TV with remote Control and with full Control (As I don't allow anybody to touch the Remote on Weekends Looolzzz.). So On Saturday, I watched TV, ate more sweets, treated myself with good ghar ka Khana. Oh I love Paranthas with loads of Butter on it (To Hell with Dieting) and Adrak waali Chai. Even Mom loves Weekends as she has the company to share sweets with her.

Anyways, then I watched movie: "Dil Chahta Hai" and missed my college Days. I remember, When we were in College, we used to wait for our studies to get over, so that we can Earn Money. But, Nowadays, we crib about our Boss, targets and How dull Life has become. I know Human Beings can never be satisfied. As the Shah Rukh Says: "Don't be Just Santusht, Thoda Aur Wish Karo". Same thing applies here. I miss those old days, though I'm enjoying this phase of life as well. Anyways, Cut it Out. No More Serious Stuff. That's how I spent my Weekend. How was your Weekend? All your Comments are Welcome ;)


Sameera said...

Blessings of simple living.. a simple weekend at home!


Dipti said...

theres no end to wants and desires .. thats how we grow.. good that you're enjoying the process :) thats what matters.

i saw kurbaan this weekend - it was nice

Jack said...

G N D,

Visiting after a gap due to PC problem. Read 3 posts. Life is full of Give and Take. We may not accept it but in our hearts of heart we do have expectations from those we feel close to. And as far as parents or siblings are concerned we take them for granted just like we will be there whenever needed. I sincerely thank you from bottom of my heart for appreciation by giving award. I feel so happy that I could make you like my thoughts. Lovely week end you had. Life is full of changes and we do remember past with so much of nostalgia. However we got to move on with time.

Take care

vineet said...

I wish I gift you Alladin ka Chirag with two Genie inside to fulfil your wishes :))

Pesto Sauce said...

Can relate to it days were the best of life

Rohit said...

Absolutely thrilling life you lead. There is a morbid fascination to it much akin to watching paint dry. Don't take the statement above to heart, rather gloss over all last 10 posts or so and you will see what I mean. I sincerely hope your life not documented on this blog is more interesting, because what is written about here is boring. It isn't that you don't have the opportunity to have fun, rather it almost seems as if you don't know how too. Sitting at home, watching TV, call center targets, etc. all sound like someone living in a rat race. What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now? Getting married and doing the same things you are doing now in your own house, so how is that any more fun?

I am really sorry if this sounds a little harsh, it wasn't my intention to criticize, especially when I don't really know you. But you have to shake out of this complacency and do something w/ your life or 10 years down the line, you will be reminiscencing about how life was so good in the call center when all you had to do was meet targets and eat in front of the TV.