Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing much interesting is going on that's why I hardly update my Blog. But then, I miss you all and your comments. Please feel free to write lots of comments. Loolllzzzz.... Just kidding. But I would be happy if more and more of you post comments on my Blog. Just a few updates.

  • Life has become more hectic and tight schedules are killing me. Need a break I suppose.
  • Have not watched a movie on theatre since past 3 month... O.M.G. .. I myself can't believe this.
  • Haven't read Chetan's latest Book: 2 States yet.
  • One of my friend has given me a novel. Can't wait to go home and read that.
  • Waiting for 3 Idiots and Kurbaan to release.
  • Want to sleep right here, rightnow.

Ok, enough about me. So, guys how are you and what's up. What are your recent updates. Comments are most welcome ;)


Asit Dhal said...

he he he...u need comments and my fish needs fresh water !!

I watched my last movie in the theater one year back...

DayDreamer said...

Quite a lot of "Must Do's" on your list..

Well this List is going to keep you occupied for a while..and also provide you the necessary mis-en-place for your blog..

The OMG for not watching any movie in the past 3 mnths is funny..LOLZ

3I's is a nice choice..Not sure abt Kurbaan..You can even try Jail..

Looking forward to more posts & Updates..

Do visit my blog and in case you like it follow it(Though have my doubts if it as good as yours)


PULKIT said...

read 2S ...will write a comparitive feedback on all 4 by CB soon

DayDreamer said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments..

I really appreciate the sweet and honest comments..

Your new post is due..Am looking forward to it..


Jack said...

G N D,

Long time no see? Waiting for your valuable views in my space.

Take care