Thursday, August 6, 2009

1. O.M.G .. It's so silent at the workplace
2. Nobody has come yet :(
3. I must listen to some peppy number.
4. "Jugni" from "Oye Lucky Lucky Oye" is my favorite these days.
5. LOL :) this song is soo funny.
6. Waiting for my colleagues to come, some of them are really funny.
7. I hate waking up in the morning.
8. Why do we need to work.
9 Can't I get a rich, husband? Anybody reading..
10. T.G.I.F.F.F - Thank God It's Freaky Fucking Friday :)
11. Want to fly high in the sky without wings.
12. Breakfast was good.
13. Feeling sleepy now.
14. Have to achieve the supposed targets.
15. Why Boss is always right ?
16. When would I become "The Boss".
17. Ok I would not mind if I become some Manager's or VP's wife :)
18. Will do loads of shopping.
19. I love Kids.
20 Me and my kids will do loads of masti with Papa Darling :)
21. Still nobody has come.
23. O.M.G is anybody coming or not?
24. Really tiring to complete this tag.
25. But, thanks to Jalpari for tagging me :)
26. "Love Aaj Kal" is a good movie.
27. Loved its songs.
28. Waiting for tonight, so that I can go and sleep tight.
29. Want to get out of here asap.
30. Don't know when the day would come :(
31. I need to go for a hair cut this weekend.
32. But I hate waiting in Parlor for my turn to come.
33. These Parlor walis really suck (self boasting Bitches) .
34. Have to do loads of stuff, threading, waxing ... OMG.
35. Will make Manchurian this weekend.
36. I love "Ryan" LOL :) How could I forget him.
37. Ryan is a character from book "Five Point Someone".
37. I know, I'm mad... mad after my dream man.
38. Have to complete 2 other Novels gifted by my Best Buddy.
39. O.k. I have a call.
40. I love our GOBs (Gang of Bitches) team.
41. I haven't done anything yet.
42. Boss would kill me, who cares :)
43. I'll complete the targets.
44. Did I mention, I hate my job on Fridays.
45. Five more thoughts to write down.
46. Nobody in the team has come yet.
47. Where the hell, they got stuck, It's 9:45 a.m. already.
48. It was fun doing it.
49. Thanks Jalpari for tagging me. And love you Angie, for inspiring me write the tags :)
50. Bye, C YA :)


Angie, The Rehab Reject said...

Awwwee it was sooo cute! Can't I get a rich, husband? Anybody reading.. I laughed so bad tears came into my eyes! Hilarious! You're like my VGOB Virtual one. ;)

Suree said...

25 is repeated in 49... :P

A. K. said...

This was fun.. Love the TGIFFF... You brought a whole new term.. LOl.

I too wish for a rich, hot, sexy, understanding, liberal, open minded and a bit dumb wife. LOL..

Have a fun weekend

Girl Next Door said...

@ Angie

Thanks Angie :) Liked this term: VGOB

Love ya..

Jack said...

G N D,

LOL. Boss spelt backward is Double S O B. Still want to be BOSS? Best of luck for marriage to Rich guy but make sure he loves you and not the money.

Take Care

Posted one yesterday.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

wooaaaa your brain is super-active

Virgo_The_Perfectionist said...

Good time pass...even for others...but difficult to relate with your personality... -:(

Esther said...

he he he that was a fun read. I loved almost all the points!
I was like WTH is TGIFFF? hahaha and laughed my ass off reading it completely! =P


Cindy said...

Hi:) Thanks for following my blog! I really like your stuff - it's witty!

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

Loved your fifty first thoughts. 40was hilarious..:D

Girl Next Door said...

@ A. K.

Hey A.K. .. you sound like our GOBs member :)

Girl Next Door said...

@ Jack

Yeah Jack, jokes apart, everybody wishes for a loving husband. After all, Love is above money :)

Girl Next Door said...

@ Rane

Thanks Rane :)

@ Virgo_The_Perfectionist

May be, you are right. But if you really need to know me, you need to read my other posts as well :) and yeah, don't forget to post your valuable comments :)

Girl Next Door said...

@ Esther

Thanks Esther. Great you enjoyed reading them :)

@ Cindy

You're welcome Sweety :)

Virgo_The_Perfectionist said...

u seems to bevery busy these regular updates on yr blog?

CutePriya said...

Cool... list....hat's off for putting them... wen i start think...i think...think and only think...and then forget what was i thinking and start thinking again...LOL :)