Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So, finally after struggling for almost 3 years in evening shifts. We are assigned to work in Normal day shift (9am - 6pm) and today's the second day. It's really tough to stay awake nowadays as my body needs some time to adjust to this routine I suppose. Feeling very sleepy right now, not able to concentrate but happy about the new change as time passes fast in this routine. As earlier I used to reach home around 1 am. Everyone at home used to fall asleep and by the time I use to wake up, my folks were usually out for the Work. It was quite depressing to see your folks only on Weekends.

Though it take time to reach home nowadays because of the traffic jam, but a smile on my mom's face after a hectic day gives me the feeling that at least someone is happy. I miss watching my favorite daily soaps, but I can watch them anytime at U tube. Thanks to Mr. Google. I am happy about some other things as well. Like finally I bought Laptop last month, Now I can surf net whenever I want :)


A. K. said...

WOw! That sounds cool. Its been years i haven't worked in a normal working hours.

PULKIT said...

Congrats on the change of shift to ur own likeability :)
tc god bless! Hope u adjust with the new schedule soon :)
till then tc always!

Suyog said...

so finally u got the shift u wanted to work in and also now ur Mom is happy...............also u got a laptop , ab to party banti hai .... :D

Girl Next Door said...

@ A.K.

Hey ! it feels great to work in morning hours... You can request your manager to put you in that shift :)

Girl Next Door said...


Thanks Buddy :)

Girl Next Door said...

@ Suyog

Yeah Party hogi ... Zarur hogi :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

great..enjoy ur new routine n keep blogging!

all the best


Shanu said...

Yeah I love the ol' 9-6 too..pity not many jobs give us that luxury nemore.

CutePriya said...

Wow! Thats great... Normal shifts are so much better right? Well, congrats for your new laptop. Change takes a little time but you'll get used to it..