Monday, June 8, 2009

So, Here I am writing another Post. I don't have much to share this time. Just took rest on Weekend. It had been the most boring weekend since I have started working. Either I was sleeping or sitting in front of television like vegetable.

Could not eat my favorite dishes because of bad throat. Though I have not recovered yet, but feeling better than before. Came here to share a few updates with you guys. :

1. Here is My Batch... from Ms. R ! for the Guest Blog Post I wrote for her Blog "Expressive Silence". Thanks Ms. R ! Love your Work :) Keep Posting and Keep Rocking...

2. Feeling sooo hungary. Our Manager is giving us a Pizza Party... Waiting for that to come. After 4-5 days of bad taste, I can't resist the temptation to have Pizza..

3. Working fst to finish my targets so that I can catch a restful sleep tonight :)

Till then , Love you All,
Take Care,


CutePriya said...

Awwww... My dear! Get well soon... take proper care! Hope you had a nice treat! Pizzaaaaaaa....

Yummmm! I Love it!

Ms.R. said...

You had some awards too!

QM said...

What a cool paste!

Get well soon. Take care(: