Thursday, May 14, 2009

As always I am not happy with the things, as they are proceeding. Everybody is getting promotions but I am not. The more frustrating thing is I know I am better than them, but still they got it because they begged for it before me. Sorry, but I don't understand the concept, why don't seniors get into our shoes and feel our pain. Why we need to remind them, hey we need a promotion. Can't they see that we are doing good and this time we need to be on a better position. I am really pissed off. Though I am not happy with my job profile, but I know I am giving my more than 100%, still not getting what I want.

Anyways, not in a mood to talk. Feeling very bad, talked to a friend, but could not explain him my pain ( As I don't prefer cribbing in front of everybody).


CutePriya said...

I know this is a part of everyone's life... Happens with everyone who's working...Your Seniors must have gone through so much to reach there...Slowly and gradually you'll reach there...You should be happy you don't have to beg, loosing your self-respect... You will get what you deserve...Be happy...Smile Now...eeeeee

Girl Next Door said...

@ CutePriya

Thanks Priya ! You are right, I'll get what I deserve..

A. K. said...

Wake up sweety. Seniors don't give a shit about how hard your work. We need to butter them up of we need a raise or a promotion.. Work hard, one day your work will surely be appreciated. Till then just do you best.

Corportate World Sucks from the bottom to the top.

shanky said...

hey ...dont worry.......your work will be appreciated .....u wll see ..k m 100% agree with A.K. :)