Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sooo.... It had been a bad day. I had a serious argument with one of colleagues. I know I was a bit rude, but people need to be shown their place otherwise they think as if you are a dumb Ass. As I rarely fight or argue with people, that argument really affected my whole work. I didn't feel like working at all after that and felt like quitting the job. Oh god Why we feel so helpless sometimes. I know in this scenario, I can't leave the job until I find a new one. But really upset about it. Just want to control my anger and stay calm. Thank God I have few wonderful and caring friends over here who are there to lend an ear to my problems.


A. K. said...

Say OM with me. Here we go OMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Come on say with me Ommmm.............. LOl.. This stuffs happens all the time. At least you have someone to fight with. Here in my office, almost all of them are air heads, ignorant and idiots except for two pretty girls....

CutePriya said...

My Dear Lady,

This is so normal. At least you let a vent to all what you had inside. You must have felt relaxed instead...I know work pressure can be so difficult to handle at times. Don't worry.

You felt bad because you are such a humble person, so good at heart that you feel bad after such heated arguments.

Anywayz what A.K. said is right. Say Ommmmmmm and chill down.....

Priya :)

Sameera said...

Happens happens. But one thing which I have started doing when people try to rub you the wrong way is-
" Don't feel upset, Don't get angry, Just react with a thought and get over the problem with grace"

I am hoping that even I would take my own advice.

QM said...

LOL. Funny A.K.

Cheer up, Girl Next Door. Everything will fall into places. It happens(these things) once in a while.

If you think what you did was right, just move on. But if you have doubts, maybe have a cup of coffee and talk it over.

Don't get too upset. Hope you feel better(: