Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So... Finally I have time to write the post. With growing tensions of falling economy, people are working hard to save their Ass and so am I. After all, we can't put our bread and butter on stake. Anyways, one thing is really bothering me for past few days. Why people don't mind their own business. I mean we all love bitching and gossiping about something or the other and yes I admit that like every other girl I love bitching too. But I can't do it for 24*7.

People are more worried about other's lives than their own. Like youngsters always crib about why the other chick/chap is looking so hot, Why they are more popular among opposite sex or dating multiple guys/gals at the same time. Discussions like this are always interesting but to an extent only. Sorry to say but I am least bothered with other's lives. What they do, eat or like really never grab my attention. Frankly I am ok with everything or you can say I accept people for who they are. Yeah, I am a normal human being who doesn't like to judge people and neither I don't prefer others to judge me.

I have my own priorities, my carrier, family, loved ones for whom I rarely get time. So, instead of worrying about the irrelevant people, I'd love to share my special attention or time to those who love me.

I really wanted to take it out. Feeling a bit relieved now :)


A. K. said...

If i were to rate you on this post, i would give you 11 out of 10... This must be one of your best post. Say not to bitching.. LOL

Girl Next Door said...

Thanks A.K. for supporting my views

Sameera said...

Hmm.. Nice. But when you point out people who do that you are in a way bothering about them. You are doing the right thing by not caring about such people -just keep doing it.

(I understand sometimes it just gets over the birm and you need to spill out a little to feel better)

Have a lovely day girl!! :)

CutePriya said...

Sweety, I truly adore your carefree attitude.

Just Keep at it :)


Surendra said...

Straight comments...n yes...rightly pointed out..that...WHY D HELL PEOPLE DON'T BOTHER ABOUT THEIR OWN LIVES..rather than others...