Friday, March 13, 2009

As you grow older you have your own set of rules which you want to follow. But I have seen people around me who really don't care for what others would think. No courtesy or Chivalry left. But c'mon if you want others to respect your time and emotions, please do some effort to respect their time and sentiments as well. Here are some points which really irritate me.

  • People who Fart loudly in public places (that's so irritating).
  • People who discuss personal stuff on phone while sitting in group (see nobody is interested to know about what you cook, or how much your boy/gal loves you).
  • People who take your things and don't return back (I have started saying NO to such people).
  • People who don't respond back to my messages or phone calls (at least have the courtesy to take out 2 minutes to inform if you are BUSY).
  • People who take their partners for granted (You better deserve to be ditched).
  • Late comers.

I will add to this list if anything comes to my mind and would like to hear things that irritate you Guys.


Scandalous Housewife said...

I must admit I am a late comer! But I always come baring gifts, and I bring a LOT of fun...

CutePriya said...

Inspite of being loyal, punctual, not taking my partner for granted...I was ditched bcoz he followed none of the above rules...these are few basic things which can make a lot of difference...some people just don't 'understand'.

A. K. said...

Fart loudly in public places is one thing that's totally against me. I fart but i do this stuff when am alone. Something very personal!

Catherinette Singleton said...

It's as if people with cellphones attached to their ears have forgotten the concept of "common courtesy". The other day I was in Target and there was a woman peeing in the bathroom stall next to me - just so happened that she was on the phone while doing so. Umm...GROSS!

CutePriya said...

Hey Annie...I have tagged you. If you are interested, follow this link