Friday, March 20, 2009

As I always say and believe that Hostel Days (when I was doing my post graduation) have been fun and those were the best part of my life till now. We were 5 friends (girls only) like sisters and we were famous in the university with title "B.N.A.G.S.". Though many boys tried to get place in our group, we never allowed them to invade our comfort zone. They came, fade away and lost but "B.N.A.G.S." remained the same. We laughed, cried, fought, bitched about are respective boyfriends and a lot more. Those memories will always remain there in our hearts.

Three of us are married now and two are still single (enjoying life). Though we are not able to see each other regularly because of our respective jobs, family responsibilities and other things, the bond is still there and we hope it remain forever. Now one of my friend has come from London after 1 year and we all are looking forward to meet her tomorrow. We all are sooo.. excited, making plans, buying gifts. O.M.G. there is a lot to do. I hope, you too can feel the excitement.

So, Happy Weekend to all of you. Enjoy :) and make sure to stay in touch with those who love and care for you.


CutePriya said...

college days are indeed so much fun! Thanks for sharing the wonderful experience...which has reminded me of that golden period that I had spoiled spending it with my ex.

Sameera said...

All girls group are double the fun. Boys do make a refreshing change at times.. but the just spoil the part otherwise.

We are a group of three girld having hell lot of fun in final year of graduation.

A. K. said...

Go girl...Have fun...It feels great to have a get together with old buddies.