Thursday, March 12, 2009

One of my friend is sad these days because of her recent break up. So, I was just thinking why do we need guys? Can't we enjoy life on our own? Yes, we can. I know how it feels to be in a relationship, and then come out of it. A lot of pain and memories are involved. But we can keep ourselves happy by looking at the brighter side of the Singlehood. Like I have some points which can make you feel good if you are one of those singles who have broken off with their partners or still have not found their dream mate:

  • You are free and independent.
  • You don't have to wait for those phone calls.
  • No Tensions and Tears.
  • Can concentrate in your Work or studies.
  • Can date as many guys/gals without feeling guilty.
  • You need not to put an artificial mask to be good in any body's eyes.
  • Can try different things without thinking much.

While reading this if any good point comes to your mind, Please add to this list.


A. K. said...

I was just thinking why do we need guys? For this question i have around zillion of answers. But I feel that its not appropriate to discuss now! LOL. No body wants to be single. Everyone needs someone to love them and take care of them.
If you are really into a relationship you don't need to wear that artificial mask.

My point is if you find that perfect perfect person you don't have to be anyone. you always get to be yourself.

(P.S. Sometime i think who the hell created Women. We man can live without them.)

Girl come on, how can you date multiple guys when you're in a relationship...

Scandalous Housewife said...

You don't need A guy, you need the RIGHT guy. And until he materializes, experience and enjoy your life! Until then, follow the Crosby, Stills & Nash song, "If you can't be, with the one you love, honey, love the one your with!"

Virgo_The_Perfectionist said...

Its not a matter of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. You can be happy with a boy/girl friend & without him/her. I fell what actually brought happiness in our life when we do something we like to do. No formalities, no showoff, no restrictions.
On the other side i feel everything has cost involved. If you want to enjoy to have a friend with whom you can discuss anything anythime anyhow then certainly you have to pay the price. Now its your luck that how costly he/she is. :)
Sometime we need to do lot of compromises to continue a relationship but sometime it works without any compromise also. I will say its part of life and we should be ready & happy with both parts of life.
Moreover if someone left then certainly another one will come. Its up to you that how open you are. Never scared of new things. Always keep the attitude of doing experiments.
Dont think that since i have written all this stuff so i am following it. -:) but its like that only. To become sachin tendulkar's coach you are not required to be another sachin tendulkar.
One thing i would like to add in the list :
We need not to think before buying anything. If we feel it is good for me then we can buy it. -:)

Girl Next Door said...

Thank you all :) Your views really matter to give me the clear vision, about what others think.

CutePriya said...

Yup Annie! I am quite enjoying my 'Singlehood' now...Thanks for all your support...I completely agree with what you have to say.......Yippi...I Love being single now....muuuaaahh

Girl Next Door said...
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Girl Next Door said...

That sounds great Priya :)

Quirky Mon said...

let me add to the list. 1. Save on phone bills 2. Give adequate time to family and friends 3. Can spend the whole day isolated from the rest of the world, reading your favorite book and not have to answer the next day where you'd disappeared to 4. Don't have to battle with feelings of jealousy

I'm a "quirky alone"...and really happy to be so!! :)

QM said...

We don't need A guy or guyS.
We, girls, females, women...need the RIGHT guy.
Maybe at the right time, the right place, the right guy will come. We just have to open our eyes and find that guy standing right in front of your nose all along.

But there's no harm done dating other guys while waiting for Mr. Right, right? LOL;D