Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you ever thought about your dreams, which you haven't lived yet? If no, spare some time and give it a thought. I have a many dreams since my childhood days which I have not yet achieved. So, I thought I must share them all with you guys...

1. Learn Salsa.
2. Swimming.
3. Music.
4. Read loads of books.
5. Marry a rich, loving guy :)
6. Become mother of lovely kids.
7. Buy a car on my own and go for a long drive with my hubby and kids.
8. Go abroad on a romantic vacation.
9. Wear a big Diamond Ring; Of course I want my husband to gift it to me :)
10. Become a famous Blogger.


A. K. said...

WIw! Quite a list. Salsa, swimming, music..etc sounds cool.. But sweety don't you think getting a rich loving guy would be a bit tough? Please say no to Diamonds...To much blings outshine your inner glamor.. Its understandable to wear a decent diamond ring, BTW, does big means something like a soccer ball? LOL....