Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi All! So, Here I am after celebrating my weekend. Feeling fresh and rejuvenated, all set to achieve the targets and other work expectations. Though I rarely like Monday Mornings (Of course, you all know the reason), the enthusiasm to work on my blog is one of the reasons for my excitement. You must be wondering, if the blog were not there, how I would be starting my day or how would I be tackling Monday Blues. For me, it's like I start planning for the whole week like I set targets for the whole week. On Monday I have to complete this, on Tuesday this and so on... And From Thursday, I start feeling as if the weekend has started :), but this doesn’t mean that I don't concentrate in my work. Of course, Work comes first, after all that is my bread and butter and I can't take it for granted. So, enough of my thoughts. I have collected some great tips to combat Monday Blues.

  • Workout: The best thing to start Monday Mornings is go for a walk or that gets your feel-good hormones working. Fresh air, sunshine and greenery work tremendously to lift your spirits.

  • Listen to Music: After jogging or exercising, you can get ready for your Office while listening to your favorite numbers.

  • Make a Strategy: As I have already mentioned above, make a plan for the whole week. Make a to-do list. And after completing each task you can tick it off. Though it might seem quite childish to most of you but believe me it really works.

  • Treat Yourself: Sometimes, we get carried away with our work so much that we don't even realize that we are not having proper lunch or dinner. Take some time out for yourself and treat yourself with your favorite dish or dessert.

To wind up, I would suggest one thing, just stay happy. No matter what, just think like this: you are here to enjoy life not to just live it. So, try to make this journey more exciting while accomplishing your responsibilities.

Happy Monday :)


A. K. said...

Who in the world does not hate Monday Mornings. But don't you think that we should be grateful that we are blessed with a new fresh week, to start live all over again.. Have a great week ahead.

Ashwani Jain said...

I am completely agree with the strategy making part for the weekend. Actually i use to make strategy everyday. i have never made strategy for a full week. I saw only a few people who does so much planning. I really like your blog. You really puts lot of efforts for the same.Its so professional & useful that i must say HATS OFF TO YOU MY DEAR LADY. Keep writting. All the best.
Last but not least your tips are really useful. I will try to use some & will give u feedback.

Priya said...

Hope you had a restful weekend Darling!!! Well Yes another boring week is already in but with blogging and good friends [like me :)] to keep you occupied you just have enough reasons to cheer and have a great day (even at worK). And My Dear Fitness Freak I Adore Your Figure...Keep Up the Good Work (After All those Frequent Work Outs and Healthy Eating Habits). Wish you Wonderful Working Dayz Ahead...Muuuuaahhh


Girl Next Door said...

Thank You Sweety ! for all your complements.. and thanks for all your support and appreciations.